Online DVD Rental – It’s Way Better, Find Out Why


Ryan sat back, staring at his computer screen ready to take the plunge, this was it, never again would he have to trudge through the snow to return a video, receive a late fee or have to hear the whining 17-year-old behind the counter say “I’ve never heard of that movie, I’m pretty sure we don’t carry it” again. Ryan was finally ready   Séries Netflix    to move into the world of online DVD rental. The only thing he is left to figure out was what sort of features and options he should expect from this whole new movie renting experience. Well I’m going to let you in on everything you should look for if you’re ready to follow in Ryan’s footsteps and start looking at renting your movies online.

Let’s start with the most exciting feature that many DVD rental sites can offer. Which is your own personalized rental list, you will find that most online DVD rental sites allow you to create a list of which movies you would like to have delivered directly to your door. Then, as you rent one movie and return it another one will soon follow, making sure that you always have the next movie on your list at your fingertips.

Next you should always make sure that they have a rental plan that will fit your lifestyle. If you’re the occasional movie renter, maybe only renting a movie or two a month, then you should be able to find a plan for around six dollars that suits your needs. If you’re a more avid movie buff then you should be able to find unlimited plans that will allow you to take out at least three movies at a time. The ability to rent an unlimited number of movies in any given month is what draws a lot of individuals to rent movies online.

The next great thing about online DVD rental is the selection. If you’re somebody who rather watch the most recent indie film to hit the shelves over last year’s Academy award winner then you know the disappointment of arriving at your local DVD rental store only to find that what you want isn’t in stock. Lucky for you most online rental stores have selections in excess of thousands of titles and will often carry films that neighborhood stores don’t.

Now for everyone’s favorite! Never again pay a late fee. The best part about online DVD rental is that there are no due dates or late fees, this way if you don’t get around to watching your selection this weekend there’s always next weekend without the worry or hassle of having to return the DVD to the store or pay late fees.