There were times in the English Premier League when a football stadium was a potentially violent place. You would know if you were ever beaten at one! However, the all-seater stadiums have pretty much controlled the problem of violence at football games. And when you hear about supporters getting banned for life for creating trouble at the stadium, you really have to think twice before you join any gang in pitch invasion or “post match fighting”.

What happened at the Millwall game was disappointing for footballers and nonfootballers alike. As if the three pitch invasions during the said Premier League match were not enough, people called fans outside the ground to gather for a final showdown.

Former West Ham boss Harry Redknapp was of the opinion that these two teams should never get a chance to play again and if they are ever drawn to face each other again in a Premier League match or for that matter any Cup competition, just “put the balls back in the hat and draw them out again!”. รู้จักกับของสะสม

What FA does in this regard is still a question mark. If heavy police is deployed or the police uses baton style tactics to avoid fighting and pitch invasion, then they are accused of using excessive force. And if they stand and watch like they did at the West Ham game, they are again going to come under criticism. So probably the only way forward is to punish the clubs involved and their fans by either banning their fans to watch their games or banning the club to take part in their future Premier league fixtures.

It remains to be seen what FA comes up with to solve this age old dilemma.

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