Heavy metal isn’t always for each person… and that is excellent, some sub-genres like Christian metal, for instance, are for even much less. i love metallic music and i’m a Christian, so for me it makes sense to combine the 2. when I tell human beings I concentrate to heavy metal music, this uneasy appearance of disgust/horror comes over peoples faces without fail, it’s as even though human beings assume i’m going to consume their youngsters or something, of course this comes from many years of stigma approximately steel being “The Devils” music, critically have you ever heard a purple report, then you may talk to me about “Devils” song.

at the same time as it is actual that there are people who like to sing an ode to the horned one, for the most part steel bands are too busy gloating in song about there sexual conquests, and then then again there are people who like to pay tribute and praise to a higher power. One such band that has been unapologetic approximately their faith is Californian metallers Stryper.

whilst bands including Motley Crue, Ratt, Van Halen, Quiet rebellion, W.A.S.P and others have been seeking to make a name for themselves at the L.A. circuit in the early Eighties promoting their message of sex, pills and rock n’ roll, Stryper had been available also, but they were promoting a special message, one in every of religion and praise to God. AIRISTECH HEADBANGER For 3 many years now that message has stayed the same and along the manner the band has advanced a strong unswerving following stimulated by using gospel masterpieces including infantrymen underneath Command, To Hell With The satan, In God We agree with and homicide by satisfaction. Their latest providing, No extra Hell To Pay ought to probably be the exceptional of the lot.

In terms of sound, No extra Hell To Pay takes the band returned to its early days recreating the vibe of classics likeThe Yellow And Black attack (1984) and soldiers beneath Command (1985). Guitarist ouncesFox is on hearth, a number of the solos and riffs on this record are truely extraordinary, bassist Timothy gains also places in a pinnacle elegance overall performance and collectively with Fox, provide a few outstanding backing vocal arrangements. Then there are the brothers sweet, Michael on vocals and rhythm guitar and Robert on drums. Robert has been amongst my favourite drummers due to the fact that I first heard him within the early Nineteen Eighties, his fashion is like a battering ram, strong, commanding and a great execution of time retaining. at the danger of sounding corny, Michael’s vocals can handiest be described as ‘Angelic’, but in contrast to some in the enterprise that rely on seasoned-tools within the studio to make themselves sound higher than they may be and then fall flat stay, Michael can deliver inside the studio and then lower back it up on stage, I recognize i have witnessed it for myself.

No more Hell To Pay is a heavy piece of labor. The band have resisted the temptation to put at the document multiple business or radio friendly fashion tracks within the vein of Calling On You or continually There For You, as a substitute choosing a much more harder, edgy technique. Pound for pound, Stryper are each decibel as heavy as their more commercially a success opposite numbers. the opening music is Revelation which functions a catchy guitar hook, thunderous drum groove and a sturdy melodic vocal arrangement, this units the tempo for the rest of the album. The title tune continues down this course and could be very harking back to their early beginnings, whilst saved by using Love is a complete on pedal to the ground rocker. Jesus Is simply very well, at first recorded in 1966 with the aid of The art Reynolds Singers, receives a Stryper-ized make over and is a severely fan tune, the only song at the record that comes near being labelled a ballad is the only, and this is a pleasant addition. but it is not too lengthy before the whole on headbanging recommences with Legacy and Marching Into conflict, the latter severely should’ve been a throw far from theSoldiers beneath Command recording sessions. in addition down the tune list we come to Sticks And Stones andWater Into Wine that are particular highlights, the album rounds out with Renewed and that i couldn’t wait to press play again.

i’m now not going to try to convince every body that No extra Hell To Pay is a should have album because like a said earlier than, this sort of aspect isn’t always for anybody. but, in case you’ve been a long time supporter of Stryper then you may recognize the nice of this band and the satisfactory in their work and it goes with out announcing that you will need to add this gem of an album to your collection.

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